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fox white
Posted on 2010.08.27 at 06:13
I'm feeling a few different things right now, actually.

I have this politics-induced headache. Not even real politics either. I've bee reading some rather shitty Naruto fanfics, and they make my brain hurt way too much. The subject matter usually triggers a sense of paranoia that I just don't always feel like putting up with. Surgeon's Law, indeed. I read fanfiction to feel less depressed, not more.

I feel like I need to go back to cooking my meals. Y'know, like on an actual stove? I made myself a real breakfast for the first time in a long time. It felt good to make something again. I want to cook more and I want to work more out in the garage (where my dad keeps all the power tools and whatnot). I want to feel some substance, some connection. I'm feeling just a tad bit lonely.

I've just started looking into the different elements of Celtic art. I want to make a design incorporating a fox and maybe some nature. I want to wood-burn my design. I want to saw and router and glue and sand. I want to put stain or some other such thing on it when I;m done and when I can figure out how I want it to look.

I also have the overwhelming urge to let my brain go on standby while I sleep for several hours. I think I'm gonna go do that.

fox stare 2


Posted on 2010.07.13 at 15:46
I just got done cleaning my bathrrom and showering. About the only other thing I've really done today is reorganize my FrontierVille and screw around on Newgrounds. Dad wants me to wake him up soon so we can go get something for dinner, and then he'll clean his own bathroom. Mom told him he had to.xD I'm gonna go back to reading fanfiction now.


fox white

The Internet Is Your Friend ^_____^

Posted on 2010.07.08 at 17:34
Current Mood: pensivepensive
Current Music: Ambient
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Ah yes. I'm just beginning this blog. I've hit on that point right at the beginning of posting where I want to have people who will read my posts, or even just someone to talk to.

Fortunately, this isn't my first online journal. Honestly, I can't remember what my first one was very clearly. I'm not sure if I had a GJ, an LJ, or a Myotaku name first. I know I used to use all 3 around the same time. GJ was good for people and it's customization, while LJ had a more people visiting it on a daily basis. I kept some of the same friends on both sites. Myotaku, on the other hand, opened me up more to the web and especially to anime and manga. This was around the time when I was just joining the world of the internet.

I miss interacting with people on the internet. I used to keep up with a Gaia account, back when Gaia was much smaller, friendlier, and a lot less corporate. Sure we got some of the items we wanted, but honestly, it just became such a hasle to bother with Gaia at all. Most of my old friends from the game chats didn't even show up after a while and so I got bored and left.

I branched off into free MMOs. I played Dream of Mirror and a few other games, and for the most part there was a laid-back atmosphere. You'd occasionally see a friend on the same map and you could chat in the main chat without being eaten alive for it pretty much ever. Mostly, you'd have a fun time with everybody joining in. Social mmos weren't bad, except-----the game design made it hard for you to do anything but be social. If you wanted to protect your loot, you had to find another player willing to add you to a party, while at the same time lvling basically had to be done in parties. I just didn't have the dedication to lvl after about one job got to lvl 30. It was sort of fun, but it was straining to do anything you wanted to do in-game, and after a while and after my friends didn't play so often, I would just get really bored with it.

Then I found a rather amusing browser-based mmo. It introduced me to the world of player-killers and  taught me that the best frends you can make are usually the ones you meet when there are major conflicts between major guilds and that when all that is over, you're mostly left with fed-up friends who quit playing and a community based around a pitiful in-game pissing contest with no genuine value to anyone who wasn't there from the start. When my friends left that game, and when I did, so went the reputation of most of the major players, except the well-known crafters and venders. If any good came out of that experience, it's that I learned how to get under people's skin, while also letting most insults roll off my back.

The internet is a grab-bag. Whatever you chose today was whatever you got. It's a bit of junk, a bit of trash, and a bit of amusement.

But me? I just want to talk to people because I enjoy it, and because without people to talk to I tend to grow reclusive. And if I'm gonna lock myself in my room all day with My Buffy dvds and my bowl of canned soup, I might as well share it with somebody, right?

fox sleep

Political Night

Posted on 2010.06.24 at 00:00
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: You and Me and Tom-The Prince Myshkins
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I'm having an oddly comfortable night. I say odd because I've been reading, watching, and listening to politics. I'm watching what has to be Micheal Moore's least 'extreme' film, Slacker Uprising. I took a break from that to listen to a 2-man band, named The Prince Myshkins, who I think make extremely witty music.

It's just been a very funny night overall. I've been cracking up all evening.